The importance of kids to the future of sports

Kids are very important to the future of sports. Why? Because they are the future of sports; whether they’re playing in the league themselves or they become fans and spectators. Parents are typically the ones who get their kids interested in sports to begin with, especially if they are fans or play the game themselves. But professional sports teams should be actively pursuing children. They need to get them hooked at an early age and reel them in as quickly as possible. If not children ever got interested in sports, sports would quickly die out with the current athletes and current fans. Children are very impressionable and I think that professional sports should be focussing as much attention on children as possible.

Unfortunately, organized sports for children are very expensive. There are some children who have the potential to be future athletes but their families cannot afford it and therefore, they will never have a chance to play in a league. Professional sports should look into helping families with lower incomes to put their children through sports programs.

No matter what, children are the future; not just the future of sports but the future of the world. Every organization needs to pursue children in order to have a successful future for their business


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