Super Bowl commercial review

Most entertaining ad:

The ad that I found to be most entertaining was the Axe ad. The ad was for their grooming products for men. I enjoyed this ad because although it targeted only men, it targeted so many different men within their target market. It was very inclusive and non-judgemental. It’s main message was basically telling men to be themselves and to not be ashamed of who they are. Often women are seen as being heavily influenced by body image in the media¬†but men are often forgotten about; they too are influenced by body images in the media as well.

Least entertaining ad:

The ad that I found to be the least entertaining was the Acura ad. This may only be because I’m not a car type of person but I didn’t find that it grabbed my attention at all. While this ad was probably not trying to target someone like me, I didn’t understand it when I first watched it. To me it was almost confusing; it featured dark colours and a man yelling in the background. I still don’t fully understand what the ad was trying to portray. I’m guessing it was just trying to show excitement of a new type of car but nothing caught my eye very much.

Effectiveness of favourite ad:

The ad was up-beat, cheerful, and fun and really was able to grab my attention quickly. It didn’t have a theme because it featured all different types of men. What I found most interesting was the fact that I had no idea what the ad was for or who it was for yet I was still interested in watching it. Axe has never been known to have ads that capture everyone in the audience; I feel that they may be trying to re-brand themselves. I think this will be successful in selling the product because they may reach many more men by portraying different types of men and their different personalities and behaviours.

Ineffectiveness of least favourite ad:

The ad was dark and didn’t have very much explanation as to what was going on. It just had loud sounds, lights, and dark colours contrasted on the light. This ad may have been effective for someone who has deep interest in cars but not for someone like me.

Celebrity endorsement:

Neither of these ads featured celebrity endorsements. The Acura ad may have benefited from having a celebrity endorsement but I think the Axe commercial is much better without one. If it had a celebrity featured, it may make Axe seem unattainable; Axe is trying to get men to be themselves, not like a celebrity.

Top 3 ads:

  1. “Find Your Magic” – Axe

2. “Doritos Dogs: – Doritos

3. “Last Longer” – PeTA (simply because I love PeTA and hooray for vegans!)

Least favourite ad:

“What He Said” – Acura


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